Nadine Nicholds
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It is our hope that you have been enjoying this beautiful summer.  God has blessed us richly with the beauty of the seasons.

As we transition into the end of the summer, here's a little of what's going to be happening at Augsburg:

Sunday, September 11 will be Augsburg's Welcome Back Service

On September 11, we will have a celebratory worship service as we start up all our ministries once again. 

  • Choir: We will kick things off at 9:15 am with the gathering of choir in the Celebration Hall.
  • Sunday School: At 10:15 am  Sunday School will meet in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Worship will begin at 10:30 am and the children will join us in worship around 11:15 am. 
  • Lunch: After worship we will gather for a BBQ lunch including hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, salads and drinks.  The Social Events Committee members will serve all the food using current health standards, i.e. masking, wearing gloves, and serving the food with tongs to each of the members.

As time moves forward we will be emphasizing the Season of Creation, including Orange Shirt Sunday on September 25, as we continue to deepen our understanding of Indigenous Peoples and move toward reconciliation.

We are also going to be starting a congregational project of Thankfulness, to be completed by our Thanksgiving Sunday Service (October 9).  Watch for more information regarding this.

We really hope you are able to join us on September 11 as we get back into the "swing of things."



Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash