Nadine Nicholds
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From the Pastor                

“For this is the message you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.”

1 John 3:11  

I am writing this article the day after the terrible events in Toronto, when a man, driving a van, killed 10 people and injured 15.  As of today, the investigation is ongoing.  You will most likely be reading this article one week to one month after the event, so by this time the shock will probably have worn off.  So… what to say?  

First, I need to acknowledge the profound sadness that we have experienced because of this event.  I feel for the families of the victims and for those who are traumatized by this. Second, I need to acknowledge the wonderful people of Toronto and their kindness and caring for each other; and to the first responders who did their jobs with amazing efficiency and quick response.  

But now what? What can we do? Well… we can pray and trust in God’s love and peace; we can be light in dark times; we can live boldly the life that God has given us; we can be bringers of hope to a world that hurts. 

I believe that isolation is the cause of so much that pains us today.  More and more people in the world feel a sense of emptiness, loss and loneliness. As Christians, we can offer connection and hospitality and support, and not just at worship on Sunday morning, but every new day that dawns.  God’s love, peace and mercy travels far and wide.  

Let’s try extra hard to offer love in the spaces and places we find ourselves.  

Peace and love to you,   

Rev. Nadine Nicholds