Nadine Nicholds
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I am writing you on behalf of council to inform you that the church will remain closed for the time being.  I'm sure this comes as no surprise.  We are taking our directives from the government and public health departments, so until they give us the "all clear," worship, groups and events are cancelled until further notice.

Of course this means that we will not be together for Holy Week and Easter.  While I will make available the YouTube worship for Sundays, we will have a full Easter celebration service when we are able to gather together again.  I will keep you updated.

Not getting together for worship also means that our offerings are not collected.  We thank those who are giving by PAR, this maintains a stable flow of income.  For those of you who give by envelope, if you are able, you can drop your offering through the mail slot in the church door, or put them in the post (please do not mail cash). Someone goes to the church on a regular basis to gather the mail and check the building. If you have the means to do so, you can also give online.  Here is the link: 

We all know that the economy and employment is precarious. We appreciate whatever you are able to give to the congregation.

In the meantime, we gather virtually.  One of the things I miss is seeing everyone and I imagine that's the same for you. 

Take care of yourselves and keep safe.

Peace and courage, Pastor Nadine