Nadine Nicholds
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Welcome to September! I’m so glad that you have enjoyed a beautiful summer break.  As usual, September marks the start again of new ministries and a renewed commitment to our brothers and sisters of faith.

Summer for me has been much slower than normal,  both literally and figuratively.  After my surgery I couldn’t walk without crutches, I certainly couldn’t drive.  After a time, probably after the pain subsided, I started to feel trapped in my house.  It was very frustrating.  I had to focus on good things; catching up with email, being able to watch some television shows that were on my list, being able to hear Choral Concert on CBC on Sunday mornings.  I was, and am, certainly grateful to all the cards you sent me, the phone calls, the meals you prepared and the prayers you sent up. I felt loved and cared for and I felt, feel, so lucky to have you, brothers and sisters of Augsburg, in my life. 

But now I have set aside my crutches (I only limp sometimes) and I can drive again.  While not 100% healthy, I am ready to have, and encourage, a period of new energy.  September always feel fresh with new possibilities and options and actions for a renewed life.  This also extends to our church life.  

I hope you will join us on Sunday September 9 as this is Welcome Back Sunday. Sunday school starts at 10:15 am. Both choirs start to rehearse and would love to have your voice included.  We will be blessing students, teachers and all learners with the ‘Blessing of the Backpacks’ at the end of the worship service and then we will head into the fellowship hall for a BBQ pot luck lunch. Please come out and celebrate a new and exciting year of ministry.  Thanks be to God!